About Us

International Academy of Organizational Behavior Management (IAOBM) has founded jointly by cooperation of OB professors and practitioners and North American institute of Science and Information Technology (NAISIT) in 2009.

IAOBM Objectives

  • To generate theories and knowledge in the field of Organizational Behavior Management
  • To compile indices for Organization\'s Behavioral health
  • To form Behavior Excellency award
  • To persuade interdisciplinary cooperation with other associations
  • To approach new researches and identify new areas for OB research
  • To publish new books and international journals in OB
  • To hold conferences and training workshops
  • To create a network of interdisciplinary experts and practitioners
  • To empower cooperation among members
  • To encourage executives and practitioners to documents and publish their experiences in OB
  • To promote IAOBM role in helping and solving organizational behavior challenges of national and international organizations
  • To study behavioral aspects of new technology and evolving social networks

Scope of initiatives

  • National
  • International


  • Professors
  • Students
  • Executive managers